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Hello world!

So, finally I’ve got my blog installed, up and ready! I’ve been planning to set up a blog for nearly three years and now I finally took some time for myself, created a nice theme and installed the whole thing. A pretty simple process which took three years to be done ;-).

Since this is my first blog, I don’t really know how active I’m going to be, what kind of blogger I am and what I’m going to post here. I think we’ll see with my next posts (and the intervals in which they’ll be posted) if this page is worth to read or not.

I know, that nobody will read this when I publish it, but if you find this on Google or my blog maybe gets popular one day and you’re researching my blog-archives: this is it, my first post.

Have fun, Frane

PS: I know, this post wasn’t very personal. If you want to know who I am and what I do then take a look at my about-page.

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