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My shiny new iPhone

Today my shiny new iPhone arrived. It’s really cool and I’m really happy to finally have it. For months now I wanted replace my old cell phone and with a new one. The iPhone was my preferred choice, but I didn’t like T-Mobile’s cell phone plans for the iPhone and I was quite happy with my plan. I hat already started to look for other phones, when I got a phone call from T-Mobile. The nice lady on the phone explained that they wanted thank for being a loyal customer and that I could get a new phone if I renew my contract. When I asked if I could get an iPhone, the T-Mobile lady responded that I would have to pay a small fee but that could have it if I want. So I renewed my contract (I was going to do that anyway) and got my iPhone. It’s really funny how things sometimes sort themselves out all on their own.

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Back from vacation

I’ve been the last five weeks in Croatia on vacation. I had great time there as every year and I’m looking forward to my next vacation there in the next summer.

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Just to kick myself…

Huh… I’ve launched this blog two months ago and I have written… NOTHING! Yes I’m still alive and I’ve been busy. But being busy is not a reasonable excuse for writing nothing for two months!

OK. I promise I’ll write some interesting things in the following few days. I’ve got some interesting things I’ve done and now I’m going to write them down.

So… Stay tuned!


Hello world!

So, finally I’ve got my blog installed, up and ready! I’ve been planning to set up a blog for nearly three years and now I finally took some time for myself, created a nice theme and installed the whole thing. A pretty simple process which took three years to be done ;-).

Since this is my first blog, I don’t really know how active I’m going to be, what kind of blogger I am and what I’m going to post here. I think we’ll see with my next posts (and the intervals in which they’ll be posted) if this page is worth to read or not.

I know, that nobody will read this when I publish it, but if you find this on Google or my blog maybe gets popular one day and you’re researching my blog-archives: this is it, my first post.

Have fun, Frane

PS: I know, this post wasn’t very personal. If you want to know who I am and what I do then take a look at my about-page.

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