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Windows server lockout

Since there are not only unix-based servers out there in the web, I sometimes also encounter Windows servers which I have to maintain.

Usually, you connect to a Windows server using Microsoft’s “Remote Desktop Connection” (RDC) client. If you’re not running a terminal server, the number of allowed sessions on the server is limited to two sessions at a time.

Unfortunately a session isn’t ended and closed if you close your RDC client window, but only if you log off, i.e. by clicking on “Start” -> “Log Off”. So if you just close your RDC window without to log yourself really off, there’s a good chance that you lock yourself out from the server and thus get the following message “Terminal Server Has Exceeded the Maximum Number of Allowed Connections”.

If you have access to your server, you can easily log on to the server on-site and remove all “dead” sessions, but if your server is somewhere on this planet where you can’t just go over to, you should be served by using the following command:

C:\>mstsc -v:your_server_name_or_ip -admin

This command gives you access to a special session, namely the session 0 and you should be able to log in as “Administrator” and remove the dead sessions.

This two sessions at a time restriction is really annoying and it gets even more annoying if other people also use the server and don’t log off correctly. Having such stupid problems is probably one reason why many people get mad a Microsoft and their products. It’s simply a licensing issue you don’t have on Linux and *BSD systems ;-).

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